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Carpet Maintenance

Maintaining your quality purchase will repay you by keeping its beauty for many years.

  • Vacuum regularly. Frequent vacuuming is a wool carpet's best friend. In most cases, a suction only canister vacuum is best to prevent excess pilling and fuzzing. However, if this type is not available, set vacuum so that the brush is furthest away from the surface of the carpet.
  • Remove spills immediately.
  • Professionally clean as needed. Do not apply stain repellent treatments that contain silicone because they tend to accelerate carpet soiling.
  • Keep doormats clean. Exercise preventative maintenance by placing absorbent mats at the most frequently used entrances to your home. Change or launder when these mats become soiled.
  • The vacuum cleaner dust bag should be changed when half full.
  • Filters in your heating and air conditioning systems should be changed regularly.


One of the most crucial areas of carpet maintenance is removal of spots and spills. Acting quickly when anything is spilled or dropped, and always having the necessary cleaning materials at hand are of the utmost importance.


  • Immediately blot (do not rub) spills with white paper towels or with a clean absorbent cloth. Scoop up solids.
  • Pretest spot-removal in an inconspicuous area.
  • Apply the cleaning agent listed on the spot removal chart (next page) to an absorbent towel and begin to blot up the spill with a blotting motion. Flip cloth to prevent reapplying soil.
  • Do not over saturate with water.
  • Work inwards from the edge of the spot to prevent excess spreading.
  • Wait a few minutes for the cleaning agent to work on the spot. Follow recommended directions.
  • Once the cleaning agent has removed the spot, blot excessive moisture by applying pressure with paper towels or a dry absorbent cloth.
  • Rinse with clear water on a clean cloth.
  • Remove excess moisture by applying pressure with paper towels.


  • We recommend a dry cleaning agent such as Capture®, Host® and Dri-Mate® or the WoolClean Spot Dry RemoverTM available from Wools of New Zealand.
  • Test area first.
  • Vacuum brush should barely skim surface carpet to trap soil just under pile. (Any further aggressive brush setting will cause carpet to pill).
Note: Please be aware that although the products in the Royal Woven Collection are listed as 100% polypropylene, they are flat woven, with natural fiber (jute) backing materials that are exposed on the face. Therefore, the proper maintenance on these products calls for Dry Clean Only. Wet cleaning (i.e. hot water extraction) can cause shrinkage, discoloration of the jute, and wicking of the jute color onto the surface pile.



1.Add cold water and blot
2.Detergent solution or WoolClean Dry Spot Remover™ #1*
3.Methylated mineral spirits, turpentine, or WoolClean Dry Spot Remover™ #2*
4.Chill with aerosol freezing agent or ice cubes in a plastic bag; follow by picking or scraping off gum
5.Warm water
6.Clean nail polish remover (preferably acetone)
7.Sopropyl alcohol
8.Rust remover
9.Absorbent powder (e.g., salt, talc or Absorb-It™*)
10.Absorbent cleaner (WoolClean Spot Dry Remover™, Host®, Capture® or Dri-Matic®)

Alcoholic Beverages 2 - -
Blood 1 2 -
Butter 3 2 -
Candle Wax 6 4 -
Chewing Gum 4 3 -
Coffee 1 2 3
Colas and Soft Drinks 1 2 -
Cream 2 3 -
Floor Wax 3 2 -
Gravy & Sauces 5 2 3
Ink (Fountain Pen) 1 2 -
Ink (Ball Point) 4 7 2
Lipstick 32 -
Mercurochrome 2 10 -
Milk 5 3 2
Nail Polish 6 3 -
Oil & Grease 3 2 -
Paint (Latex) 1 2 3
Paint (Oil) 9 3 2
Rust 3 2 8
Salad Dressing 2 3 -
Shoe Polish 3 2 -
Tar 3 - -
Urine (fresh) 2 - -
Urine (old) 1 2 10
Vomit 2 - -
Wine 9 1 2
Unknown Material 3 10 2

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